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“Immaturity and eccentricity is worst than inefficiency”

What is wrong with our politicians? The insults and name-calling are just unfortunate. It seems we have lost our moral values to politics. Yes, our politicians are losing it, judging from what has been published in the newspapers and what is yet to be published. Ironically, some just open their mouths,uttering statements with absolutely no substance. Well, shouldn’t we expect them to say sensible things in normal circumstances? It is despicable. We must stop and think. How far and where do we want to take these irrelevant personal attacks?

The unfortunate thing is when our beloved nation is faced with so many issues that need political solutions, which are neglected by our politicians,who choose to resort to the personal attacks diverting attention from the real issues. Personally, I am more concerned about issues that improve the lives of the general citizenry, male, female young or old and not some sort of immorality displays, further delaying our progress as a nation. We have a lot to discuss and work for. We have the growing number of unemployed youth, increase in poverty, violence against women and an increasing crime rate. I can’t leave out the obvious alienation of the young people from the decision making process. It is high time our politicians stop all the gibberish and look at the real issues at hand.

A nation of 1.8million can’t afford to be derailed by a few people with personal issues. The interest of the nation should, at all times, be put forward instead of this so-called “patriotic contest”. We all have a responsibility. As much as we want to develop, we must understand that there will be divergent views from different people in the different sectors. As such, we should be accommodative and look at others not as enemies of progress but people who have different world views that deserve to be respected. I think this is what our culture has taught us. As we claim “patriotism” we must not forget that we are taught to be humble and respect one another. Actually, it seems we are just hovering on wasteland with no branches to hold unto.Due to the immaturity of the politics practiced in this country, it is now very likely and almost acceptable for older people to receive disrespectful and sometimes obscene remarks from opponents young enough to be their grand-kids. It is disheartening. We must remember that what holds us together as a nation is far stronger than our individual differences. Li lu jara baaye hel la.

Waking up from our peaceful slumber, the first thing we see on the papers are people from both sides entrusted with responsibilities, insulting one another just because they have different perspectives on issues of national concern. Insulting someone does not determine how much love you have for the country as compared to the recipient of your unnecessary lashings. We must stop seeing each other as enemies and know that we all are working towards the same goals but using different routes. The ruling party as well as the alternative parties (prefer that to opposition because of the negative connotation associated with the word “opposition”) should respect each other. We must stop being a nuisance and start addressing our problems in an objective manner. It’s high time we started talking about issues that can change and help the country progress.

I know I may not be considered a relevant force in voicing out my concerns on this issue.,but I know that all political parties perform the same roles. The name of the parties might be different but the goals are all the same. The onus is on all parties to perform their roles to the letter. Parties, ruling or otherwise should be loyal to the citizenry. What we have seen lately is unfortunate.
We must move away from politics of personality and direct our energies on the real issues at hand. Politics of personality breeds nothing but hypocrisy and in a nation infested with hypocrisy, development will be farfetched. Dear compatriots, let us thus stop and reflect on what we owe ourselves and the generations yet unborn.